Who likes to party? The CHOIR likes to Party!

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I didn’t really know what to think when I was invited to the church choir’s annual Christmas party, so I asked some questions to feel it out. “Do you play games?” “Not usually, we just talk and eat. Why don’t YOU organize games?” And that’s how it started! I was swiftly put in charge of “FUN” at the party. When the sign up sheet for food was passed around I saw that my name was written at the top of the page in beautiful script. “Fun: Marah Grant” (You might think I’m exaggerating for the anecdote, I assure you… I’m not! It was ON the sign up sheet… and I didn’t write it.)

So, I really felt like I had a lot to live up to. I had been declared the first ever fun organizer for a moderately attended small town church choir Christmas party. (GULP!) I set to work plotting and scheming. I came up with a game to test the memory, a game to test sense of direction, a game to test knowledge of Christmas songs (a MUST at a choir party) and my favorite… a test of dexterity through gloves. All were tastefully Christmas themed. I was a little worried that only I would find these games amusing, but I think the proof is in the smiles in these photos. Enjoy!

Our fearless leader, Ann, tickling the ivories.

Connie- Queen of Breakfast Prep, and our accompanist- Marilyn

One of the cutest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, Brenda and Jim. If I ever decide to grow up, I hope I’m just like Brenda.

Greg and Laurie furiously working to try and figure out game clues.

Ann’s home was PERFECTLY decorated for Christmas. She’s a class act!

Here’s a little bit of the aftermath of my using gloves to open hershey kisses relay race. It was AWESOME!

And we finished the night the way that any choir party should end… by singing through the entire carol book.

I shot a little video at the party and put it together for fun. (I’m still experimenting with my video skills.) At the beginning of the video is some of the highlights of the Hersey Kiss/ Gloves relay race. (Yes, I’m the one cackling like a witch in the background.) I couldn’t help but laugh at Greg’s technique, which I think was supposed to save time… but actually slowed him down. Then I showed team 1’s triumphant win. I even decided to include some video Dave shot of me singing. Think of it as my vocal Christmas card to the faithful blog readers. You can totally spot the point in the video where I realize I’m being a ham and the camera is on me, so I get really self-concious and quit hamming abruptly. Then 3 seconds later the ham comes back… I’m a dork. A big ole dork!

Choir Christmas Party from Marah Grant Photography on Vimeo.

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